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Your founder’s story: Do people really know who you are?


Woo hoo! Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter: The CEO Creative Capacity!

A few things have changed if you’ve been subscribed here for a while:

New email address, website & studio name: REST DAY CLUB

New newsletter theme: Nurture your multi-passionate self, get fun creative insights, and connect things about you -> your personal brand that you didn’t think to do before—without boring yourself.

Let’s get to it!

So… why aren’t you taking your founder’s story more seriously?

One thing that people overlook as business owners and founders is their actual founder’s story.

Here’s the thing: if you’re a business owner, why do you sound like you’re applying for a job and sending everyone your resume? You need to own your story and make it unique—not in a corporate way, but in a real, human way.

We’ve been conditioned into corporate life, and you still see this on LinkedIn, where people beg you not to treat it like Facebook and remind you it’s a professional setting. But what does that even mean anymore? Unless you’re working at a bank or something, I’m not sure why it applies to every business.

When you’re building a personal brand, it goes deeper than just being “professional.” You might think people want to hear about your years of experience, and that might work for old-school businesses. But these days, hiring is more about who you know and if you have the right ideas.

Why you NEED to get your story straight

  • Relatability over experience: Not in lieu of experience but sometimes saying you’re an Ivy League grad with 20 years in the industry won’t cut it. Those fresh faces looking at their screens want relatability and likability.
  • REAL Connections: Even if it’s random—a hobby you never got good at but sparked an idea, or formed certain habits—it matters. These experiences need to be part of what you say because the tiniest details might be what brings someone from inactive lurker to a repeat customer.


#1 Memorable stories often start mundane

Whether you went from medical PhD to yoga teacher, or art history major to tech startup, these things like look like out of the blue decisions make your story SO special.

Your random experiences and hidden talents set you apart more than you realize. This is the thing that everyone markets about but gets wrong.. it’s the actual thing that will make you stand out when your competitors are intimidating.

#2 Unsolicited opinions welcome, whether soft spoken or spicy are a good thing

Don’t comment or DM people unsolicited advice, please don’t do that 🙂 What I mean is: it’s about bringing those strong opinions into your channels and owning it

That brings credibility. Experience is good, but having proof and credibility to back it up is better.

Then you get two things out of it: people who love you and people who don’t. Sorry people pleasers, but it’s better to filter out from the beginning instead of making everyone happy.

The internet isn’t just Linkedin, no experience list necessary. Share your swervey journey – people will start to understand why you think the way you think, and that’s way more fascinating. This is THE personal brand 👏


Real life example from Alex Garcia’s video.

I love this video. The authenticity piece is: he’s not pretending to be something he’s not. He has his big goals but also he’s learning as he goes. Instead of looking like a 5am club disciplined entrepreneur, he’s honest with the good and the bad. And it looks like he shares it ALL.

The result? People love him more and genuinely want to support him. A true fan favorite 🧡

Action item: be more like and share your founder’s story on a regular basis. This is BTS done right.


Resist the entrepreneurial urge to monetize this

Be a fiction book girlie/person

Not just any kind of fiction book. Go hard on one genre, because you will absolutely open up the flood gates to more fun stuff. Rom com, YA fantasy, cozy mysteries, rich people thrillers (I made that one up but I’m sure it’s a genre).

Why? If you pair this with your bedtime routine, you lower anxiety and improve your sleep. It doesn’t have the same effect as nonfiction, so no reading biz books at 10pm.

Ahh… dream of fun stories instead of staying up late with your to do list.

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