FAN FAVORITE FOUNDER is a 1:1 4-week intensive that helps you go from behind the product to a (creative) leader known for more than just your business, so you can open the door to more opportunities.

build a multifaceted brand with your name that grows your influence beyond work

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Fan Favorite Founder

We're not applying for a job here, but sometimes it feels safer to just talk about our formal experience and accomplishments. 

Why settle for the Linkedin version of yourself? You know you do SO much more and have a lot of interesting (possibly hidden) talents that don't quite fit the neat little work box.

If you want to grow a personal brand, keep reading...

You've been too professional.

To become a fan favorite founder and open more doors, you need a strong personal brand that brings out your interesting (maybe even questionable) ideas, interests, and skills naturally.

Here’s the issue...

  • Hiding like a hermit (even unintentionally) behind the scenes and not being seen

  • Juggling different passions but not sharing for fear of being confusing

  • Working so much in your business, you left no time to build trust beyond it

  • Not finding new ways to share your vision and creativity

  • Blending in a sea of CEOs in the same industry

Right now this might be the reality. You’re:

Ready to stand out!

without boxing yourself into one role.

Imagine having a clear and strong personal brand that helps you connect with people and makes you more visible...

Be known for YOU

More I-know-you's: At events, people will come up to you because they know your story and vibe with your insights.

Buzzword free messaging: Your personal brand will be the same on all platforms so everyone knows who you are and what you stand for.

Opening up collabs: You’ll share your journey with confidence, mixing your experiences into a story that clicks with whoever you want to partner with.

Beloved leader: Respected AND approachable – you get credibility while staying relatable.

The good type of influencer: You’ll be seen as a "thought leader" even though no one actually labels themselves that, you will be :)

Here’s what it will look like after we work together:

This is what I was looking for!

If you want to learn how to go from a hidden gem to a multi-passionate leader with an inspiring personal brand, I have something for you...

fan favorite founder

Since this is a 1:1 service, there are limited spots per month. Get on the list and I'll email you when spots are opened for the next month!

A 4-week 1:1 intensive to help you become a leader with a community you actually want to hang out with

Week 3: Act & Engage

Support on Voxer: We’ll help you use your content themes and connect with your audience.

You'll get support as you start your strategy, making sure you feel good about sharing your personal brand and connecting with your community.

What you get: Guidance and feedback as you share your personal brand, making sure your message fits your audience.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Week 4: Systems & Refinement

Support on Voxer & Wrap Up: More support and final adjustments.

We'll refine your approach based on your first efforts and feedback. This week wraps up your journey, making sure you feel ready to keep growing your personal brand.

What you get: Final strategies and refined content plans, along with the confidence to keep growing your personal brand.

Week 1: Discover and Define

Strategy call: We will connect all the pieces of you and your story.

We’ll explore your story, values, mission, and vision beyond your current business. You'll find your audience and passions. This playbook will show that you have more to share than just your business.

What you get: A playbook that captures your story, values, and vision to guide your personal brand.

Week 2: Plan & Prepare

Strategy call: We’ll talk about strategies that fit your schedule.

We’ll create themes and topics for your audience. You'll get prompts to help you find and practice your voice online and offline.

What you get: A content plan with themes and prompts to help you show up and connect with your community.

Franzine is an absolute gem and I'm so grateful to have her brain on my biz. She provides the perfect blend of artistry and action. She gets how to make things beautiful AND functional, classy AND optimized for conversions. She is quick, detail oriented, and drama free. I couldn't adore her more and highly recommend hiring her if you run an online business and love partnering with pure brilliance in human form. 

Chanti Zak |

Working with Franzine was amazing. Her process was deliberate, easy to follow, and yet almost magically powerful.  I have launched the brand, and it's already attracting more of my target market. I am confident and proud of my branding, and that is thanks to Franzine. 

Oriana Fowler | Oriana Photography

Josh Hayman |

Franzine practices what she preaches. She's planned and marketing-forward. As a designer it's very important to us that projects stay on timeline and that marketing is always considered. Franzine bakes both of those elements into everything she works on. Her work has been pivotal to the way our business shows up in the world.

I had a wonderful time exploring a more refined brand vision and building a much better base from the brand strategy. Franzine is truly a top performer in her field. I truly felt like Franzine understood myself and the brand.  Everything about it is incredible and cohesive!

Naomi Bemis | Mindful Movement

Working with Franzine was a dream. I own my own branding studio and wanted to work with Franzine to help me streamline my own business' strategy. Before working with her I didn't have a set analysis of my business, competitors, or target audience. After going through her strategy process and digging deeper into what makes my brand unique I got to walk away with a detailed plan on how to take action going forward. I'm extremely grateful and proud of the work we did together!

Melissa Perkins | Sweet Daddy Designs

There are SO many factors that go into creating a brand identity and I was thankful to be working with Franzine who knew all the questions to ask to really pull information out of me. The visuals really embody the feel of my brand that I wanted to share!

Kiera Andrews | This Babe Eats

What clients are saying

I want this!

How is this different from coaching or common brand strategy?

It’s an all hands on deck, personalized program made for founders who have grown their businesses and want to build a personal brand that won’t bore you in a few years:

  • Personalized attention: One-on-one sessions to understand your unheard founder's story, values, and vision.
  • Critical thinking flows: Connecting your opinions, experiences, and skills with your business and beyond, whether you stay with your current business or start new projects (at a realistic pace).
  • Actionable strategies: Implementation plans that fit your busy schedule, so you can show up consistently both online and offline.
  • 1:1 Support: Support through Voxer to guide you as you put your playbook into action, and making adjustments as necessary.

FFF is designed to help you build a community and build a different kind of credibility beyond what you've done for your business, so you can be a leader to people you actually want to hang with.

Hey, I'm Franzine!

I’ll be your personal brand guide.
After working with so many founders and business owners, I noticed one major thing.

Because they were so busy being brilliant in their businesses, they didn’t have the time to build a personal brand.

While obviously not a bad thing to grow a business, it left many stuck in one niche or industry. What if they wanted to pivot, exit, or just add other fun projects?

That’s where the community aspect of a personal brand really shines. It’s no longer about the work, it’s about the connection you’ve built with others. Let me help you bring that brilliance to the front.

Who is FFF For?

CEOs ready to expand their communities with (cool) people they actually want to hang out with.

Founders who have scaled a business or is currently in the growth stage

Business owners who want to build visibility and become multi-passionate thought leaders.

Who is it not for?

Those who don't have a business yet or haven't made any income. We'll need data first! A one time consult is what you need.

Brands. This is for personal brands (individuals using their names). If you're looking for brand strategy, you'll want to go for the custom package.

People who are not interested in thought leadership and going out of their comfort zones in public and online.

Anyone selling products or services only. You'll want to chat with me about a custom package.

FAQs for Fan Favorite Founder

What can I expect to learn?
You’ll learn how to articulate your personal story, create a cohesive brand identity, and effectively engage with your audience across platforms.

How is the intensive structured?
FFF includes weekly strategy sessions, personalized branding exercises, and actionable strategies to implement.

How much time will I need to commit?
You should expect to dedicate a couple of hours each week to coaching sessions and implementation.

Will I receive personalized feedback?
Yes, each participant will receive tailored feedback and guidance to address their unique branding challenges and goals.

How do I know if this is right for me?
If you’re ready to step into your role BEYOND just a founder, share your story, and connect naturally with your audience, this program is for you.

What results can I expect by the end of 4 weeks?
You’ll have a clear personal brand strategy, a steady flow when sharing your story, and practical tools to keep your brand presence going, and methods to tailor a community of people who want around!

Still undecided? This is a perfect fit for you if...

  • You want to become the go-to person your people turn to for advice.
  • You're excited to share your story and let your audience in on what makes you unique.
  • You’re ready to create a personal brand that’s so memorable your friends can’t stop talking about it.
  • You want to stand out, get noticed, and have people talking about your POV.
  • You want to put in the effort so people in your network can link your name to something really powerful.
  • You want to chat with your community, share stories, and really connect with people who get you.

I'm ready!